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Yellow Fin Tuna

Early to bed, early to rise; fish all day, make up lies.
Author Unknown
I don't exaggerate... I just remember BIG!
Author Unknown
When I go fishing I ... want to get away from it all, for it is silence and solitude even more than it is fish that I am seeking ... As for big fish, all is relative. Not every tuna is a trophy.
William Humphrey - Fish Library

Yellow Fin Tuna

Yello Fin Tuna


Yellowfin tuna are common to 80 lbs, and occasionally reach 200 lbs. Their maximum size is close to 400 lbs. World record is 388 lbs.

Food Value

Excellent. Although some yellowfin tuna are white-fleshed, most are pink to red. They are a high-fat species, better suited to grilling and broiling than many other preparations techniques.

Fishing Method

Trolling with natural and artificial baits. Drifting can be attempted with a regular scattering of small fish as chum.

Fighting Characteristics

Very tough fighting fish with a fast recovery rate (faster than the anglers). One of the world's best, fastest and most determine deep fighters. Mixes deep dives with long fast runs that test angler and tackle.



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