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Black Marlin

"How can you need so many rods and reels to catch a fish?" she asked, her lips pulled into that weaned on a gherkin look, as she watched me prepare for a fishing trip. "Probably for much the same reason that you seem to need 30 pairs of shoes," I nearly said, but decided to live for another day.
Tony Bishop
I love fishing. It's transcendental meditation with a punch line.
Billy Connolly - Fish Library

Black Marlin

Black Marlin


Black marlin are huge, second only in size to the blue marlin. World Record 1560 lbs. These are big fish!!

Food Value

Good, but usually released alive by sportsmen.

Fishing Method

Sometimes Drifting; Trolling. The best baits are natural but artificial lures can also prove satisfactory.

Fighting Characteristics

The black's immense strength and exceptional size makes it a favored target among big-game fishermen. A fight with one of these fish can last for hours, wearing severely on the angler as well as the tackle. A fighter that usually mixes jumping and fast runs. Can jump at any time during the fight and often alongside the boat.



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